The IPG Portal

The Brief

The IPG required a portal system to allow their members, suppliers, and staff to exchange information efficiently online.

A combination of paper-based systems, spreadsheets and SharePoint sites were being used to manage data within the business. There was a clear need to bring the data from these systems into a single place which would be accessible to all stakeholders.

Technologies used:


The Solution

We built the initial portal system for The IPG in 2017 and it was launched at their biennial conference.

As the portal is a modular system built on top of Hayden's framework, we have been able to develop and expand it to cover many key areas of The IPG's core business needs. It also interacts with external accounting systems and a separate platform developed to allow IPG members to manage their own websites.

The portal offers a multitude of benefits and continues to be a great communication platform for us as a supplier and a brand

User of The IPG Portal

Intuitive User Interface

A grid of dynamic 'tiles' is used to show a quick overview of all areas of the system, tailored to the needs to each user.


Responsive Design

The portal was designed to work just as well on mobile and tablet devices as it does on desktops.


In-depth Reporting

A wide range of reports have been built to allow key staff to see business performance at a glance, including automated analysis of data and seasonally adjusted predictions.


One of the most valuable tools The IPG provide is a web portal that allows us to see how we are doing and provide us with all the tools we need to increase sales.

Member of The IPG

The Result

The IPG Portal is now recognised as an industry leading platform and is used on a daily basis by hundreds of businesses in the UK.

The portal also acts as a central hub and data store for a number of other related projects we have developed for The IPG including digital signage, member websites, e-commerce systems and more.

We never miss a special offer from a supplier now we have a 'one stop shop' portal for all our buying needs!

Member of The IPG

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