Digital Signage Software

An Android App and API system developed for The IPG.

The Brief

The IPG had purchased a number of digital signage screens which were to be installed at retail locations throughout the UK.

It was identified during a trial phase that the management of screen content through the pre-installed third-party system was going to be prohibitively time consuming as it was not intuitive for un-trained staff and had no API system available to pre-load content.

Technologies used:


The Solution

After some initial investigation a proof-of-concept was developed in the form of an Android APK file which could be loaded onto the on-board computer before the screens were distributed to member locations.

This was then further developed into a production ready application which would connect via API to The IPG Portal system, which would in turn allow members to manage their own screen content from a pre-set library, or by uploading their own imagery and videos via a user-friendly interface.

App Development

An Android App was developed to be distributed on the on-board PC system which was part of the chosen display hardware.


Generated Content

The IPG Portal was extended to allow generation of content slides branded with members' logos.


Screen Management

A central screen management system was added to The IPG Portal to allow all deployed signage systems to be monitored. This includes permission-based management of image and video content as well as reporting on screen health status and software versions.


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