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Chrysalis are the UK’s market leading trainer in counselling courses and talking therapies, providing counselling training at venues throughout the UK.

The Brief

Chrysalis were using an aging on-site CRM system built on Microsoft Dynamics and identified a need to move to a cloud-based system which would better fit their needs.

Technologies used:


The Solution

A CRM system was built with API endpoints to allow their existing website to push enquiries and learner information directly into the system, including passing through analytics data and reporting back via Google's Measurement API.

The Chrysalis CRM connects with a number of third-party systems to collate all data in one place - from payments data, to emails, to e-signed documents.

Bespoke CRM

A custom CRM system was built on top of the Hayden framework, designed from scratch to provide the required features for Chrysalis, their staff and learners.

Student Area

Students can access the CRM system to view their course information, setup payments and log in to the Moodle learning platform.


The CRM integrates with GoCardless' API to monitor and alter relevant users to payment issues.

Hands down best developers I have worked with, and I have worked with a few!

Julia Sanders

Chrysalis Courses

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